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What is TradePlacer?

Trade placer is a real-time marketplace where you can buy or sell items such as gold, silver, platinum, wine and other collectibles. It is the next step beyond an auction, because both buyers and sellers can set their price and quantity in real-time.

How does it work?

It's completely free to sign up and place orders! A 1% commission is only charged when a trade is completed at your specified price.

You decide what you want to buy or sell, and set your price that you're willing to buy it or sell it at. If your price is matched, you become an auction winner. You can cancel and change your order at any time until it's matched. Otherwise you're order is kept open.

Buyers and sellers enter orders to trade items in real-time. A matching fee of 1% is only charged if a trade is completed. Trades are then used to create positions in items. Users can then choose to either hold their positions, or trade their positions until the marketplace-action expires. At expiration, the market for the item is closed, and the positions are delivered from the sellers to the buyers.

Example Scenario:
1) Bob and Sam sign up for free.
2) Sam decides to sell a 1 oz. American Gold Eagle coin and places an order to sell it at $1300.
3) Bob views the orderbook and decides that he wants to buy the coin at a lower price. He places a buy order to bid on the item for $1200.
4) Sam decides to negotiate his price lower and changes his sell price to $1250.
5) Bob accepts the $1250 price by increasing his bid to $1250 and the trade is fulfilled.
6) Bob can now either wait until the auction expires and take delivery of the gold coin OR try to resell the coin before the auction expires by placing a sell order.

If a user sells an item without delivering it, they will be credited with the cash proceeds of the sale and assigned a negative position in that item. The seller can close a negative position by either delivering it or buying the item back.

There are no fees for holding either a positive or negative position. However, a margin call could be issued if the cash balance is not large enough to cover the market price of the items. In this case, more money would need to be deposited or the delivery would need to be made.

In order to protect the buyers, if a seller fails to deliver or meet a margin call, they will be assessed a charge for the market price difference plus a 5% penalty.

What is Capital Slice?

Capital Slice matches investors with alternative investment projects allowing them to pool their resources to take advantage of business opportunities. If the project is already in operation ownership can be traded. Otherwise investors Bid by showing Indicator's of interest only and projects will only be launched if enough investment capital is offered in interest.

Capital Slice has a listing of investment projects where investors can indicate interest in buying a shared portion of an investment. Unlike the rest of tradeplacer items, no deposit is required, and investors aren't obligated to invest. The order book displays the potential capital indicated for particular projects. If enough investment capital is raised the bidders will be contacted. Investors may need to be accredited.

What does it cost?

A matching fee of 1% is only charged if a trade is completed from buyers and sellers.
A 1% handling fee is charged (with a $5 minimum) for buyers requesting physical delivery.
Upon delivery confirmation, the seller is charged a 1% clearing fee.
Deposit by check is free.
Withdrawal by check is $1 for mailing.
A 3% + 0.30 fee is charged for Deposit or Withdrawal by credit card.

How does the delivery process work?

Delivery is completed in 3 easy steps.
1) The market for the item expires and is closed. All outstanding positions must be delivered upon.
2) The seller obtains a tracking code as proof of shipment, and mails the item. The seller pays all shipping fees.
3) The buyer confirms receipt of the delivery, and the seller is able to withdraw the cash proceeds.
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